Document Automation for Legal firms and departments

Legally compliant documents for efficient risk reductions

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Ensure compliant and correct documents

Create legal documents that are fully compliant using SmartDocuments. Save essential time and reduce manual errors when creating new and updating existing documents with our trusted software for Document Automation. Simplify the process for efficient risk reduction.

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Quickly and easily create and update templates

Ensure every document is up to date and contains the correct information with SmartDocuments. Create contracts, forms, leases and other legal documents quickly and easily using smart templates. Our intelligent software allows you to change anything without increasing compliancy risks.

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Integrate and improve

SmartDocuments offers a modern solution for optimal efficiency.

  • Reduce compliancy risks and errors due to manual labor by automating Document Creation
  • Manage all your document templates in one central system and decrease the sprawl of documents in your organisation
  • Relieve work pressure for employees and do more with less resources
  • Ensure consistency across all documents with building blocks for recurring content
  • Connect existing systems in your organisation with our modern integration layer

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